Boxing Day – Trees and Pylons

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas – I know I certainly did! I haven’t touched a Computer Science textbook in three days and I am feeling infinitely more relaxed for it. Today I want to share some pictures I’ve taken by the village of Hooton Levitt, which is near where I’ve been staying over Christmas.

The first of these was more opportunistic than anything. Walking across the fields I came to a lone tree right in the middle of a field, silhouetted against the beautiful glow of the setting sun.

Tree at Hooton Levitt.jpg
Tree at Hooton Levitt

The beautiful, bare branches really make this composition, and the glow of the sun in the sky only adds to the drama introduced by the contrast between sky and ground. Originally I had intended to take three exposures and combine it into a HDR image, but I feel it works far better with the tree silhouetted against the setting sun.

The second image is one I had been thinking about since a walk I took along the same route on Christmas Day. There were several electricity pylons standing tall against a flat landscape, and I thought that a shot taken from the base of one of these pylons could create a powerful image. Below are the notes I made that night.

Notes - Pylon.jpg

However today I decided to take a different approach. I came across three pylons forming a line stretching into the distance, only reinforced by the cables draped between them.

Pylons at Hooton Levitt.jpg
Pylons at Hooton Levitt

I feel that this gives the image a sense of continuity, with these three figures standing tall over the flat fields. You can just about see a fourth pylon in the distance, mostly hidden under the horizon, and while I would have preferred a shot containing only three, I think I would have struggled to remove this fourth pylon in Lightroom or Photoshop without making it obvious.

Overall, I prefer the tree to the three pylons, because of the impact the large, solitary tree has placed in the center of the frame. As always, I would love to hear what you think of these two images, and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my creative process. Thanks for reading!



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