Sunset on Chapel Hill

Sometimes revision and exam stress can get too much and you feel like you just need to get out and do literally anything else. I decided to take a break and revisit a walk I used to do a lot before I left for uni. The route takes you through Skipton Woods past the castle, up the back of Chapel Hill, and then back down into the town centre.

The first shot that I had in mind was a waterfall by the castle. This was mostly spontaneous, and I only spent about five minutes here, with a family whose child seemed very curious about the guy with a large tripod stood on the path.

Waterfall in Winter.jpg
Waterfall in Winter

I used my new polarizer to reduce the reflection of the wet stone, and I think that this accentuates the contrast between the white streaks of water and the dark stone surface. Overall I am happy with this shot, and I feel that it takes a waterfall and turns it into a natural sculpture.

The second shot was a tree I found standing by itself on the top of Chapel Hill.

Tree on Chapel Hill
Tree on Chapel Hill

By the time I got onto the hill the sun was setting, and this shot of the lone tree against the glow of the sky was definitely inspired by some of the work of Michael Kenna. Of all of the pictures I took on the walk, this is my favourite.

Walking past the tree revealed a breathtaking landscape silhouetted against the setting sun.

Sunset from Chapel Hill 1
Sunset from Chapel Hill 1
Sunset from Chapel Hill 2
Sunset from Chapel Hill 2

I definitely prefer the second of these two shots, with the gradient between orange and blue in the sky and the soft, fluffy clouds. Overall these are four pictures I am very happy with, and skipping revision to go for a walk was definitely worth it, even if it maybe wasn’t the best idea!

If you have any thoughts on any of these do feel free to leave feedback – I would love to know what you think!



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