52 Weeks of Yorkshire

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves, or is currently enjoying themselves, if your 2017 has not yet started! Today people all over the world will be making their resolutions for the coming year, and I thought I would follow suit. I thought about a 365-day photo project, but knowing me and the amount of work I will have to do over the next two terms that would have been impossible. Instead, I have decided to do a 52-week project, with a photo every week.

One of the things I have struggled with as I have been learning about photography is the idea of narrative within a picture. With this in mind, my aim for this year is to attempt to tell a story every week with my photography. Each picture will be of something within my home county of Yorkshire, and each picture will be accompanied by a story. Some of these stories may be histories of particular places, while others may be more personal stories.

My hope is that through this project I can figure out what stories I want to tell with my photography, and maybe learn more about the area around me. I may even manage to show some often neglected areas of Yorkshire, and bring to light some history that you may otherwise not know. In the weekly posts showing the progress of the project I will also be talking about the process behind the creation of the image, sharing my thoughts as I go from concept to final image.

As always I am open to feedback and more than willing to answer any questions you might have about this project or anything else that I do. I hope you enjoy following along with this project as much as I will enjoy doing it!




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