Water and Abstraction

In this post, one of the images I took was of a waterfall in my local woods captured on a long exposure. One thing that I really liked about this picture was the way in which the flow of the water over a 2-second exposure produced these slightly abstract lines and cloud-like shapes. Today I went into the woods to try to explore this idea a bit further.

Rocks and Water #1.jpg
Rocks and Water #1

This image was captured at the base of a waterfall in the woods, over a 1.6-second exposure. The force of the water crashing down from above can be seen on the rock in the center of the frame, with the waterfall to the right forming a wall of water. The spray from the waterfall at the bottom has become cloud-like, blanketing everything below.

Rock and Water #2
Rocks and Water #2

This is my favourite of the two images, taken on a 6-second exposure. The way the rock in the foreground is in sharp focus, while the water around it is blurred, really makes it stand out. I used a polarizing filter to make the water appear almost black, which I think makes it look almost like a painting.

I find both of these images interesting, although I prefer the second, and I want to pursue this concept of abstraction through long-exposure further. I would be interested to know what you think!


One thought on “Water and Abstraction

  1. You know what I love about the first image? It’s how amaizing it is that the fall was so consistent you get those fantastic straight lines diving into that soft cloud-like water swirling in the bottom.

    It’s just awesome!

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