An Early Morning in Skipton

This morning I got up at 5:30am, which is an impressive feat in itself, to take a look around Skipton before the sun rose. This normally lively market town is vastly different at 6:30am.

Coach at Skipton Bus Station.jpg
Coach at Skipton Bus Station

Wandering through the bus station I came to this coach to London, waiting all by itself. With the harsh light of the streetlamps and the 30-second exposure that this picture was taken at, the ground has an ethereal glow. After this shot I walked through the bus station and down the canal, where a group of swans took a great interest in me, presumably because they thought my camera bag had food in it – as much as I would have liked it to, it did not.

I came to Belmont Bridge, one of many bridges in Skipton crossing the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Graffiti covered the underside of the bridge, and the light reflecting off the canal danced across the concrete structure above me.

Under Belmont Bridge
Under Belmont Bridge

After the bridge, I wandered towards town, hoping to get a shot of the church as the sun rose. On the way there I got this shot of Canal Street, with the road stretching away into the night.

Canal Street at Night
Canal Street at Night

Unfortunately the sunrise was nothing special, and I didn’t really get any shots of the church that were worth keeping. Seeing as I’m back in York on Saturday, I probably won’t get another chance until Easter.


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