52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Week 4

I’ve been busy this week, and really have only just found the time to get a shot for my 52-week project. I wanted to get an image of Heslington Hall, the manor house on the campus of the University of York, with clouds blurred overhead using a long exposure. However, this week the sky has been either completely clear, or completely grey, with little in-between. I decided to take another angle with the shot I had in mind.

Heslington Hall (Flickr).jpg
Heslington Hall

I was inspired to take this shot for the project after a conversation I had with a man who lived in Heslington at the bus stop the other day. He’d seen me taking pictures of the church, and approached me, telling me about how the village had changed since he’d grown up here, before the arrival of the university.

Heslington Hall is a manor house on the campus of the University of York. While the village of Heslington is old enough to have been mentioned in the Domesday Book, the Hall was not built until 1568, for Sir Thomas Eynns. The University of York, established in 1963, now encompasses this village, and life has changed signficantly for the people living here. Being conveniently located in the middle of the two campuses of the university, the village is no longer quiet and sleepy, and there is no doubt that some of the people here miss the days before the university.

This image was taken just after sunset, on a 6-second exposure. It’s on my walk home, so after labs today I made my way here, set up my tripod, shot, and then moved on quickly, not wanting to stand around in the freezing cold for too long. I wanted to shoot a black and white image because the colours of the building itself are dull and uninteresting, and I find the shadow in this image adds some ambiguity to the form of this manor house.


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