Printing Images

I mainly shoot on a Canon 100D, so sadly I don’t get the chance to print my images myself in a darkroom. For me though, the print is still the final form of most of my images. I print my digital shots through Loxley Colour, and so far I am incredibly happy with their services. Being the poor student that I am, I don’t get the chance to send off for prints very often, so I only have a handful of prints at the moment. Yesterday, four prints from my series University of York in Fog came, along with a print of the church in Heslington that I shot last week.


These are all printed on Hahnemühle Torchon paper, which (although you can barely see it in the images) has a beautifully rough texture. I find that the small format of the fog images, printed at 5×5″, really draws you into the frame. This is why, to me, the print is the final form of an image. When you have a digital file on a computer, it’s flat, and really you have little control over the size it is viewed at. When you print an image you make it concrete – you give a final verdict on how the image will look. The size and texture of the paper need to be considered when printing just as shutter speed and aperture must be considered when shooting.


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