52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Week 6

Like any landscape photographer, I check a detailed weather forecast on an almost compulsive basis. I need to know exactly how much cloud cover there is, and at what altitudes. I need to know exactly when the sun rises and sets, and in what direction. I need to know if it’s going to be foggy or rainy or completely dry. These things all come together in a myriad of ways to produce the conditions in which I love to shoot. Today’s weather was the one kind of weather I hate. The sky was completely grey, and the ground covered in murky puddles from horrible February rain.

It’s the end of the week though, which means one thing. I had to go and shoot, even if it meant getting soaked and feeling miserable. I haven’t had the time this week to shoot a lot, so I’m uploading my shot for 52 Weeks at the very last minute.

Rowntree Park (Flickr).jpg
Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park is a well-known park in York. Built in 1921 as a memorial to employees of Rowntree’s who died in World War 1, on most days it is full of people of all ages. Today though, only two kinds of people were there – people whose dogs had dragged them out, and me. The park has a very different atmosphere when the sky is a solid grey, the ground covered in puddles, and the paths devoid of life.

I didn’t really want to upload this image, because I don’t really feel like it has any purpose behind it. I think it’s important that I do though. This image, and this post, is a reminder to myself and to everyone reading that art is far more often about failure than it is about success. What I have found about doing this 52-week project is that a lot of the time images aren’t handed to you. You have to create the interest yourself, in how you shoot, and how you present the results. It would be hard for me to make this image interesting, but in a way, that itself gives it a kind of purpose. In the absence of interest, it becomes more clear to me what I find important about the images I do like.


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