Walking along the Ouse

As I mentioned in my most recent post for my 52-week-project, I went for a walk along the River Ouse yesterday, hoping to break out of the creative slump I’ve been in for the last two weeks. I managed to capture an image of the underside of the A64 bridge over the river, which is the first image I’ve taken this week that I’m actually happy with.

A64 Bridge Underside (Flickr).jpg
A64 Bridge Underside

It was the contrast between the two halves of this bridge, caused by the harsh midday sun, that drew me to this image, but the more I look at it, the more I find things that interest me about it. The way the supports are staggered across the river leads the viewer’s eye across the river, and the gap between the two halves of the road allows the sunlight to pour through, forming a bright white line directly through the center of this image. The reflection of the bridge in the water forms horizontal symmetry, in addition to the vertical symmetry of the two halves of the bridge. What I like the most about it, though, is that neither of these two symmetries are perfect. The vertical symmetry is disrupted by the shadow cast by the bridge on one half of the underside, and the horizontal symmetry is disrupted by the blurring caused by the moving water underneath.

I still feel like I’m uninspired, but this image has reminded me that it’s always worth trying, even when you don’t think it’s worth it, because you never know where you might find beauty in the world. Yesterday I intended to find it in the sun setting over the River Ouse, but instead I found it in the graffiti-covered underside of a dual-carriageway.


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