52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Week 8

It’s been another slow week. I tried going into town on Friday morning to shoot some images for Ghosts, a series I’m currently working on, but I had no luck, leaving me disappointed and unmotivated all weekend. It’s becoming harder and harder to produce an image each week for this project, and I think I would call this week’s image the first complete failure of the project – although it will no doubt not be the last.

River Ouse (Flickr).jpg
River Ouse

The River Ouse runs straight through York, joining with the Foss in the city. I don’t really have much to say about this image. The subject is uninteresting, the lighting is bad, and I’m not even sure it’s completely in focus. As much as I hate writing this, and showing you this image, I need to, because it reminds me that failure is acceptable. If I don’t fail every now and then, am I really creating anything new?

If you like this image, then I’m glad I was able to share it with you. It isn’t mine though. I created this, but when I look at it I don’t see my own expression.


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