A Grey Morning

The forecast told me we were supposed to be getting some fog this morning. Excited to go for another walk in the woods and maybe even get some atmospheric shots of the trees in the fog, I got up today at 5:30am. Sadly the fog seemed limited to the hills, but I was up anyway, and saw no sense in going back to bed.

Tree and Fence, Skipton (Flickr).jpg
Tree and Fence, Skipton

The grey skies make this small tree look isolated against a blank backdrop. The hazy air softens the edges of both the tree, and the fence-posts arrayed behind it. Their jaunty angles disrupt their otherwise orderly arrangement.

Chapel Hill Tree, Skipton, 02
Chapel Hill Tree, Skipton, #02

This tree is one you’ll have seen before if you’ve followed me for any length of time, as it’s one I’ve shot a couple of times. I like the way it leans at an angle, as though it’s bent over under its own weight. Soon enough this tree will regain its leaves, but for now it remains a skeleton, bared by the recent winter.

This morning didn’t turn out the way I would have liked it to, but I managed to get some nice images nonetheless. I would have hated to waste an early morning, so I’m glad I went out, even if the weather was a bit disappointing.


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