52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Week 13

A Street Performer Prepares (Flickr).jpg
A Street Performer Prepares

One of the things I have always loved about York is the atmosphere of the streets. I’ve been in town today doing photography for a band that were busking, and it reminded me how much I love standing on the streets and watching people perform. Here we see a street performer smile at his crowd as he prepares his next act.

I very rarely do street photography (unless you count my work with Ghosts), and while I do enjoy it, I don’t feel that it is my art in the same way that landscapes are. Landscape photography allows me to express myself through an interpretation of the scene in front of me, and I find that to be a long, almost meditative process. That meditation is what drew me into landscape photography, and is what keeps me there, and it just isn’t the same when I’m shooting people.


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