The Two Cairns

I keep revisiting these two cairns. Something about them draws me in. I love the texture of the stone, and the way they stand over the landscape. I always find it a joy to photograph them, and they always present to me new ways in which to do so. In that sense they are almost like models, in that I can come back again and again, and each time their relationship to me as the photographer, and to the landscape around them, changes slightly.

Two Cairns, Skipton Moor, 02 (Flickr).jpg
Two Cairns, Skipton Moor, #02

In this first image, the two cairns are completely isolated by the fog, the detail of their stonework obscured from view slightly. Instead they are just grey forms against a lighter grey background. The fog lifts slightly towards the top of the frame, forming a gradient above the cairns. This image has an air of mystery around it, which captures how it felt that morning, alone on the moors with no-one but these two cairns for company.

Two Cairns, Skipton Moor, 03 (Flickr).jpg
Two Cairns, Skipton Moor, #03

This second image is more dramatic than the first. The cairns are silhouetted against the rising sun, with the fog-covered hills stretching out into the distance. Again the exact detail of the cairns is hidden by the harsh light of the sun, and instead all we see are the vague forms of two siblings stood atop the moor.

I am going to keep returning to these cairns for as long as I can, and so I hope they remain standing for a long time. You will no doubt see more.


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