Industrial Yorkshire

The world was forever changed by the industrial revolution, and arguably we still don’t fully know what the consequences of that great upheaval are. I love exploring the relics of that great age of revolution and innovation, and there is no better place to do it than Yorkshire.

New Mill, Saltaire (Flickr).jpg
New Mill, Saltaire

Here a mill towers over the Leeds-Liverpool canal, almost silhouetted against the setting sun. This scene would not look out of place in the 19th century, when mills like this would have still been full of workers producing all kinds of goods. When we look at buildings like this, we are looking into the past, at a world which no longer exists.

Railway Station, Saltaire (Flickr).jpg
Railway Station, Saltaire

Waiting at the station for the train home, I noticed the sun glinting beautifully off the tracks. The railways embody the industrial revolution, and without their invention our world would be dramatically different. There’s something almost romantic about a dark sunset at a village train station, surrounded by relics of an old world.


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