Shape and Form in Trees

Trees are to me one of nature’s most beautiful forms. They are used so often as metaphors for the passage of time because they embody that passage. In spring the trees blossom, growing greener as we move into summer, before their leaves wither in autumn, leaving their branches bear and skeletal for winter. This cycle repeats again and again. Most of the trees here have not yet regained their leaves. This means I still have the chance to capture their bare, twisting forms.

Branches, 01 (Flickr).jpg
Branches, #01

This image is slightly more abstract than a lot of my work. Taking inspiration from this tree, I wanted to capture nothing but the form of the branches. Here these black tendrils are captured on the flat white background of fog.

Trees in Fog, Skipton (Flickr).jpg
Trees in Fog, Skipton

This second image is a bit more conventional. Layers of trees stretch out into the distance, with the fog adding mystery to the scene by obscuring the furthest trees from view. My favourite part about this image is the tree in the foreground, to the right, and the way it leans entirely in one direction. Its branches stretch out over the rest of the scene, almost forming some kind of frame. As you move deeper and deeper into the frame, you have to look harder to distinguish details in the trees.

As I’ve explained in this post, I love fog for the atmosphere it lends to the scene and the way it presents viewers with vague suggestions of form, rather than anything concrete. By doing this, you are forced to really study the images to uncover their true nature. This, combined with the beautiful forms of the trees, makes for a wonderful environment in which to shoot.


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