The Woods at Sunset

Recently I bought a Praktica MTL3, an East German film SLR that is built like a tank. Last night I decided to take it out on a walk to give me a break from the pile of work that I have to get done. I’ve never really shot film before, so I took my DSLR out as well. That way I’d have at least something from this walk should I mess up development. As I got closer to the woodland near my home in York, I was met with the beautiful sight of the sun setting behind a clump of trees. I took several shots with my Praktica, but I captured this with the DSLR.

Woods at Sunset (Flickr).jpg
Woods at Sunset

I love the way the leaves form a dark mass at the top of the image, with only tiny holes letting light through. Four tree trunks, silhouetted against the setting sun, form a line from the foreground to the back, and stand as pillars holding up the canopy.  The sun itself peeks out from between two branches, making a tiny point of light in an otherwise dark image.

I’m nearing the end of the roll of film in my Praktica, so soon I’ll be able to take that into the darkroom and hopefully produce some nice prints. I look forward to sharing my foray into film photography with you all!


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