52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Week 18

A few days ago I decided to get up at 4am to try and catch the sunrise at Clifford’s Tower in York.

Clifford's Tower (Flickr).jpg
Clifford’s Tower

This tower is the keep of a medieval Norman castle in York, first built during the 11th century, following the Norman conquest of York. The castle was built during an uprising from the local population, as houses were destroyed to make way for the new construction. The castle was seen as a major security asset in the North, playing a key role in many conflicts over several centuries.

Most of the castle is gone now, with only the keep remaining. This building, now archaic by the standards of modern architecture, stood the test of time and now remains to remind us of our past. There are plans to add a visitor’s centre to the base of the hill, but I think this would be a mistake. The surrounding area has already been cleared of its ancestry to make way for modernity, but we should strive to preserve at least some of our history in as pure a form as we can.


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