Trees in the Rain

It’s been miserable for the last few days. The rain has barely stopped since Monday morning, and the sky has been a constant, uninspiring shade of grey. As a photographer, it’s my job to work with the environment I’ve been given, and I certainly haven’t been given much. What I do have, however, is a dark night, empty streets, and the texture of the rain pounding against the ground.

Night Tree and Leaves (Flickr).jpg
Night Tree and Leaves

Rain makes a dull night scene intriguing, with white streetlamps glinting off wet surfaces, like in this image of a tree and its surrounding foliage. You can barely see anything, but that doesn’t stop you from constructing the scene in your mind, piecing together fragments of reflective water to form an implied whole.


Trunk and Branches at Night (Flickr).jpg
Trunk and Branches at Night

This one is no different. You can see the detail on the trunk of this tree as it is illuminated by a nearby light, but the branches just fade into the dark, leafy background. It is impossible to tell where this tree ends and others begin.

Lone Night Tree in the Wind (Flickr).jpg
Lone Night Tree in the Wind

The wind batters against the leaves of this tree, reducing them to a blur over the course of a long exposure. The tree stands alone against a black background, merging with it like a figure in the shadows.

These images combine my love of natural forms with the vagueness granted by the veil of night. The long exposures required to capture these images results in blurred, haunting scenes, only accentuated by the rain.


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