Nature and Romanticism

I find myself inspired by the Romantic movement, not necessarily in terms of style, but certainly in terms of objective. The focus of Romanticism (bear in mind that I am greatly simplifying here) was emotion, rather than reality. It is interesting to apply this to photography because photography takes reality as its starting point, allowing you to alter it through manipulating various technical aspects to create the image you visualise.

I love being in nature. Even in a world where humanity has taken control of the majority of the environment, pockets of nature remain, albeit altered by our presence. Skipton Woods is one such place, and that is one of the reasons why I love coming here. For me, the experience is more important than the final images, but I wanted to try to combine the two, and come away with an image that described how I felt upon seeing the light filter through the trees onto this small river.

Skipton Woods Beck (Flickr).jpg
Skipton Woods Beck

The black, twisted forms of the trees arch over the beck, forming a tunnel through which light filters, reflecting on the water. A slight vignette focuses the eye on the circle of light in the very center of the image. The contrast between the water and the branches creates a haunting image. I very rarely have the confidence to consider one of my images beautiful, but I think this may be one of the few that I believe are, at least to me. You might believe that it’s arrogant to say that, but I don’t. If I don’t believe in my own ability to create beauty, then there is no point to me being an artist.

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