Many people love the excitement of exploring new places. I do too, but what I love most is coming back to a place I have already visited ten, twenty, or a hundred times before. This is obvious from my repeated photographs of the two cairns on Skipton Moor, but that is not the only place in Skipton I keep coming back to. I don’t get to go home too often now that I’m starting a placement, but when I do get the chance I make sure to visit the woods.

At the end of that walk I come to Chapel Hill, and on that hill sits a lonely tree. I first photographed it in December of 2016. Over half a year has passed since then. The tree now bears leaves, but its form remains unchanged.

Chapel Hill Tree, Skipton, 03 (Flickr).jpg
Chapel Hill Tree, #03

The tree leans on the landscape, and, like many trees, it has a certain character to it. This image is one of isolation, with the black form of the tree standing alone against a dramatic midday sky.  By visiting this tree again and again, I get to know it better and better, and the landscape rewards me for my efforts.


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