52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Weeks 25 & 26

A lot has happened in the last month. If you’re wondering where 52 Weeks of Yorkshire had gone, it was probably hiding in between a house move, a new job, and a week-long trip to Cambridge, the photos from which I have on three rolls of 120 film somewhere in my bedroom. I’m back now, the job is going well, and my house is actually clean, so I can begin to catch up on the stuff I’ve missed.

These first two images come from my home town of Skipton.

Gateway to the Dales
Gateway to the Dales

This is the view from the top of the moor in Skipton, looking out across the Yorkshire Dales. I grew up with this view, and I still feel, even after two years of living in York, that the Dales are my home. It’s a place that has been featured in images from this 52-week project before, but I come here so much that it deserves the attention it gets.

Two Cairns
Two Cairns

I have photographed these cairns many times, as some of you will know. They are special to me. This is a place where I am well and truly alone. You cannot hear the sound of cars rushing past the window, or of people shouting in the streets. It is a contemplative place, and I hope my photography reflects that.


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