52 Weeks of Yorkshire – Weeks 27 & 28

I’m still catching up – it’s now week 33, which puts me 5 weeks behind after these images. Nonetheless, I’m committed to producing a photo for every week (with the exceptions of those weeks that I’ve previously talked about), even if these images are taken long after the weeks for which they were intended.

York Walls (Flickr).jpg
York City Walls

This first image brings us to York City Walls. These walls surround the medieval city, and have stood for centuries. One of my fascinations, both with regards to photography, and in general, is with the monuments left behind by our ancestors. Sometimes these monuments are intended as such, like the Minster, but these walls were never intended to inspire awe in future generations – or at least, that wasn’t their main purpose – but to defend the city from attack. It’s rare that you get to walk the circumference of a centuries-old structure, still as stable today as it was when it was built.

Tower, Church of St Lawrence (Flickr).jpg
Tower, Church of St Lawrence

This second image comes from the grounds of the Church of St Lawrence. Many people know of York Minster, but York has plenty of other churches dotted around, each with its own story. There has been a church on this site as early as the 12th Century, although the current church is more recent. The current church is the second-largest religious building in York, which, given the size of the Minster, is impressive. I can’t say I’m particularly religious, but part of me is thankful to those who are for providing us with such beautiful monuments. They would say it is a monument to God, but I am more inclined to say it’s a monument to the beauty that we human beings can create.


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