Last weekend I happened to be back home in the Dales for my brother’s birthday. In between the celebrations, I managed to get out for a walk in the woods, a place I’ve visited many times and with which I’m sure even you are familiar with now.

I often talk about chance on this blog – the idea that when you are photographing the natural world, you really have very little control over what happens. Sometimes this can ruin what would otherwise be a great shoot – I can’t count the number of times I’ve been disappointed by a sudden rush of cloud – but on very rare occasions it can lead to something more beautiful than the image you already had in your head.

Robin on Fallen Tree (Flickr).jpg
Robin on Fallen Tree

This is one such image. I was photographing the fallen tree anyway, the ice and snow glistening in the morning sun, but I had no idea this beautiful creature was going to come along and pose for me! It’s very easy to have something like this happen, and to simply discard it because it’s not what you previsualised. I feel like that would be a waste. Some of the most beautiful things in our world occur simply by chance.

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