Weekly Journal #2

Very often I find myself in situations where I have a subject I would like to photograph, but I have no camera to hand. On these occasions, I resort to the phone I always have with me. These images are often far more spontaneous than those I take on an actual camera, but I find that to be part of the draw. It allows me to play with light and texture on a day-to-day basis, with no preparation whatsoever. These images often come to me at times when I am occupied with something else entirely.

For example, here is a picture I took yesterday, while exploring an ice sculpture trail in York.

Ice Dragon, York Ice Sculpture Trail

I’ve photographed sculpture before, but ice sculpture is new to me. I love the texture of the ice and the way the sunlight reflects off it. It takes a few moments of examining the image to begin to see the shape of the dragon’s head. If I hadn’t been willing to shoot on my phone in this moment, I would never have been able to capture this image.

While I don’t like sharing images like this on here too much, if any of you are interested, I have an Instagram account on which I share them. I find the freedom to be spontaneous allows me to explore things I never would have the chance to, and pushes me to experiment with my photography.


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