Journal #8

As you may have noticed, my ‘weekly journals’ aren’t exactly weekly. Sometimes I forget, and sometimes I’m too busy to get round to writing them. I want to keep the journal, but committing to one a week seems too arbitrary, and I find it often leaves me forcing out a post with very little real content. For this reason, I’m carrying on with the journal, but (as you may have guessed from the title) I’m going to drop the ‘weekly’!

The topic of this journal is spontaneity. I’m the kind of photographer who prefers to take his time, out in the hills with nothing but a camera and a tripod. However, sadly, modern life doesn’t really allow for that all the time. I’ve taken to shooting on the camera on my phone on a far more regular basis than in the past, because it allows me to keep my creative eye active as I go about my busy days.

Thirty-Eight Birds.jpg
Thirty-Eight Birds

The image above captures exactly what I mean. I took this on my way home from work this evening, at about 5pm, just as the sun was setting. The gradient of the clear evening sky forms a still, calming backdrop to this flock of birds that circles above me. Some, gliding peacefully, are captured sharply, while others are blurred. This is an image of a truly fleeting moment – within seconds of me taking this image, the flock had moved on.

As a landscape photographer, it’s easy to think that an image needs to be obsessed over for hours to be ‘great’. Sometimes I do exactly that, and I enjoy it, but life doesn’t always allow for obsession. Sometimes life only gives you thirty seconds and a phone.


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