Andalusia, Part 1

Last week I got back from eight days in Andalusia, Spain. My family and I were staying in an apartment in the mountains, not far from Marbella. We’ve been going to that region of Spain almost every year since I was a child, but this is the first time I have gone with a passion for photography, and it shows.

Andalusian Mountains, 01 (Flickr).jpg
Andalusian Mountains, #01

This image was taken atop a mountain near Benalmádena, and I think it captures the awe-inspiring view that stood before me while I was there. I love the tones in the sky, and the way that the mountains overlap one another in the frame, stretching out into the distance. The clouds add texture, as do the trees on the mountainside in the foreground. This is probably one of my favourite images of the whole trip, but is by no means the only one I’m going to show you.

Mountain Tree
Mountain Tree

This image was taken not far from where we were staying. I love the way that the tree leans slightly to the side, and I think that it adds balance to the frame. It contrasts well with the light tone of the sand beneath it, and the bare sky really draws your eye to the tree. The best images, I find, are those that are simple in composition, and this is a great example.

Over the course of this trip I began to notice my strong preference for vertically-framed images. I often find that a vertical frame allows for more impactful negative space, drawing the viewer’s eye to what little definitive elements remain, which is exactly what I’m aiming for most of the time with my photography.

Clouds over Mediterranean
Clouds over Mediterranean

This image is slightly different though. There isn’t a lot of negative space, but I think that the vertical frame still works to the advantage of the composition. The vertical composition makes the drama-filled clouds hanging above the Mediterranean even more imposing. This image really does make me feel small.

I loved every minute of my trip to Andalusia, and I know that I will definitely be visiting with my camera again. However, you don’t have to wait til then to see more, because there are plenty of images that I haven’t shown you yet. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these, and I look forward to sharing more.


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