It’s not often that I shoot in colour. I prefer my images to focus on the form of the subject I’m shooting and the way light falls on it, and so a lot of the time I feel like colour is an unnecessary addition to the scene. However, sometimes I see a scene that would be wrong to not represent in colour.

Skipton Woods (Flickr).jpg
Skipton Woods

Here we see a river winding through Skipton Woods, moss-covered rocks to either side. The trees hang over the water, their branches still bare, and their leaves lying on the moss beneath them, adding an autumnal reddish-brown to the image. Spring is nearly upon us, and so this scene is far greener than it would have been two months ago. Black and white wouldn’t have done it justice. It wouldn’t have captured the vivid greens of the sprouting plants, or the subtle brown of the fallen leaves. Not every image needs to be shot in colour, but this one does.